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Intentional Gifting - A Gift Guide for Creatives and Makers

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

A note from Katie & Annie: At the end of each year, we like to take time to reflect on our work and vision for Mayne Marketing moving forward. It's a great time to regain perspective and reorient our business plan to be sure we're moving towards a common goal. As we listed out our highlights from the year, we noticed most of them shared a common theme - We find purpose in our work when we have a chance to come alongside creatives and makers to support their vision and help their business grow. We wanted to carry this theme into the holiday season, so as we began to think through our 2019 Gift Guide, we chose to focus on intentional gifting for the creatives and makers in your life. Every item we've curated provides you with an opportunity to tangibly show your love and support, so you can play a small part in their success. ...Now let's get gifting!

1. Replica Surface, Starting at $77 For the DIY entrepreneur. The perfect gift for bloggers or small business owners (think of your friend or family member with an Etsy store or food blog!) who need professional, durable backdrops to showcase their product. Replica Surfaces creates lightweight, realistic photography backdrops that make creating stunning product imagery simple. Mix and match any of their backdrops or buy a single surface for flatlay images.

2. Gantri PyraSphere Table Light, $128 For the design-loving and sustainability conscious. Gantri collaborates with designers to create fresh, practical lighting manufactured from cutting-edge sustainable materials. Their unique pieces make a lovely addition to any office space, brightening up the room in style.

3. Never Coffee, $18/bag For the coffee connoisseur that could use a coffee break. Give the gift of a morning ritual this holiday season. Never Coffee Lab offers coffee subscriptions that deliver a bag of beans to your doorstep every month. The coffee connoisseur in your life will love taking a few minutes each morning to slow down and brew a cup of their new Never roast.

4. Ratio Eight, Starting at $495 For the busy business owner. Splurge-worthy coffee maker for the perfect cup every time. A Ratio coffee machine is the perfect gift for the business owner who wants to update their office coffee bar and office decor.

5. Porter To-Go, Items Photographed Starting at $25 For the person who packs a lunch. Help your friends say no to single-use plastic in style. All Porter products are offered in an extensive variety of colors to fit any taste. Shop pieces individually or gift a full set.

6. Aarke Water Carbonator, Starting at $199 For the lover of elevated essentials. Take your office water cooler conversations to another level with Aarke. This carbonator provides sparkling water on demand. One thoughtfully designed Aarke Carbonator can replace thousands of water bottles, and if you're a regular sparking water drinker, Aarke is also less expensive and more convenient.

7. Vitruvi Terracotta Stone Diffuser, $119. Oils Starting at $13 For the creative that could use a creative escape. Transform your workspace into a creative escape with an essential oil diffuser from Vitruvi. Their soothing scents are a great way to establish atmosphere - Shop their blends or order a bundle and encourage creativity with their essential oil recipe book.

8. Newgate Clocks, Starting at $39 For the punctual professional. The perfect addition to any home office. Newgate clocks are thoughtfully designed with sizes and shapes to fit any budget, space, & taste.

9. Camino Desk Accessories For the design lover. Camino office accessories are designed to travel with you through every stage of your business venture. Alex, Camino's founder, believes everyday objects can invoke a sense of belonging. These elevated desk accessories are easily incorporated into any office, making your workspace feel like home. While Camino does not sell direct to consumers, it's perfect for designers and trade.

10. Monos Luggage, Starting at $280 For the mindful traveler. The perfect gift for the frequent flyer. Whether you're traveling for work, inspiration, or a bit of both, Monos is the ideal companion. Their thoughtfully designed pieces are equipped with unique interior organization features and come in eight beautiful colorways.

11. Corinne Collection, Pieces Starting at $95 For the business babe that can work from the couch or the conference room. Every item from Corinne is designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California. These adaptable pieces are perfect for running errands or running a meeting. Versatility and clean, minimal design defines the collection, making these pieces the perfect gift for the chic boss babe in your life.

12. Tiro Tiro Jewelry, Starting at $93 For the statement maker. The perfect accessories empower you to look and feel your best. Let your personality shine through your workwear and carry that confidence into the office with a piece of wearable art from Tiro Tiro Jewelry.

13. Follain Beauty, Starting at $7 For the selfless maker who deserves a dose of self-care. Follain has an impeccably high standard for every product they carry, and their signature line is no exception. From everyday essentials to spa-worthy indulgences, you can find something for everyone. Mix and match products to create a morning routine or encourage time for an evening wind down session.

We hope you're inspired to support small business through intentional gifting, whether that be giving thoughtful presents to the creatives and makers in your life or being mindful of where you make your purchases. Let's gift for good this season. - The Mayne Marketing Team


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