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Client - Aesop Wines

When you inquire about a product shoot, you'll have the option to select if you're interested in traditional product photography, styled product photography or lifestyle images.

Traditional Product Images: 

Product photographed on a plain backdrop with minimal to no props. Perfect for product listings. 

Styled Product Images: 

Product photographed with props in an editorial style. Model optional. Perfect for product listings, social media, web, and print.

Lifestyle Images:  'Everyday'  images styled to show your product in-use. Model optional. Perfect for social media, web, and print. 

Never - Oh Product (1 of 1).jpg

Traditional Product Image 

Never - OH! Studio (11 of 15).jpg

Styled Product Image

Never Cafe (8 of 41).jpg

Lifestyle Image

Once you've submitted a photography inquiry, you'll hear back from our stylist with any clarifying questions and a quote for your project. From there, you'll receive a mood board for approval and we'll begin sourcing props. Once scheduled, our typical turn around time for photography projects is 2-3 weeks.

HOMECOMING - Styled-20.jpg


Client - Homecoming Candles 

Client - Purist

Purist - Lifestyle - October (11 of 31).
Purist - Lifestyle - October (2 of 31).j

Do I have to be based in

Portland, Oregon to work with you?

Definitely not. In fact, the majority of our clients aren't local to us. Ship your product to us and we'll handle the rest!

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Woodlark X Arlo Skye (15 of 73).jpg


Swell Botanicals - Model (16 of 73).jpg




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