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Service Highlight: Monthly Content Creation

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

With the rise of visual platforms, we've seen the demand for content creation increase dramatically. Our Monthly Content Creation service is one way we're helping businesses stay active on social media in a more cost effective way.

To give you a better idea of what this service includes, we'll walk you through the process with our client, Natalie Joy. This service looks a bit different for every client, but this breakdown will hopefully be helpful as a general guide!

Creating a Mood Board

Once we know if there are any specific needs for the gallery, we begin to work on the creative direction for the shoot. Here's a look at the mood board we created for our February shoot with Natalie Joy:

Next Steps

After our client is on board with the direction and has approved any additional prop, location, or model fees, we move forward with sourcing props and scheduling the project.

For this shoot, we created a custom scene highlighting one of their brand colors and made sure all the images were in line with their brand aesthetic.

Shoot Day and Final Gallery

With a few exceptions, we deliver galleries on the 1st of every month. Here are a few BTS snaps of our February shoot, along with a look inside Natalie Joy's February gallery!

Hope this post helps give a better understanding of what our Monthly Content Creation process looks like. Send us an email for pricing details and any questions you have!


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