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Social Media.

Social Media is an essential piece of any effective marketing strategy, but many businesses find they don't have the time to regularly update a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. Failing to regularly update a variety of social media feeds will result in missing out on clients, and valuable opportunities to expand your brand. Mayne Marketing can help you create, update, and maintain a company Facebook page, Twitter feed, or any other social media account that will improve your business image and give you opportunities to reach new clients that may never hear about your company otherwise.

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Facebook is essential when building a brand, and gives you access to thousands of potential clients worldwide. Facebook 'likes' can directly translate into increased web traffic and new clients, and can sometimes be your best company advertisement. Running a contest on your Facebook feed, or regularly updating your page with photos, links, and relevant statuses will help you increase your customer base and reach clients in new markets at no cost.

Additionally, Facebook's new ad integration for business pages makes it easy to promote your page for a reasonable cost. Effective social networking focuses on expansion, and Facebook is still one of the top social media sites for business growth worldwide. Contact Mayne Marketing now for a free consultation, and we can analyze your Facebook strategy and implement any changes deemed beneficial to your marketing plan.​

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Twitter is great for directing clients to relevant information, blog posts, web content, and more. Well suited to informational sites, lawyers, and politicians, Twitter is extremely interactive, and allows you to keep up with current news in your sector while interacting with prospective clients or constituents.

Developing interesting tweets that people want to read, or finding great information to direct your followers to is essential, and Mayne Marketing can help you manage your Twitter feed while growing your network of followers. If you need posts hourly, daily, or weekly, Mayne Marketing can quote you a rate for effective Twitter operation and development.

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When it comes to business networking, LinkedIn is the primary source for expanding your contacts and reaching out to new professionals. A frequently monitored and updated LinkedIn will not only allow you to build a reputation in your local business community, but will assist you in making new contacts in your field worldwide. With endorsements from other professionals and recommendations from past clients, you will be well on your way to making a name for your company in the business world.

LinkedIn can also be a great resource for finding new employees, and a great LinkedIn page will attract interest to your job openings and new positions. Mayne Marketing will help you build your network and reach your target audience with appealing page updates and effective networking strategies.