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Search Engine Optimization.

Traffic Generation

No matter what industry you are in, attracting more people to your website is always the main focus of SEO efforts. Mayne Marketing can not only help you make your site easier to find, but direct people to it through inbound links, effective advertising, and more. We can also manage your analytics, and keep you up to date on what's working and what could improve. We take pride in the websites of every client, and treat your company as if it were our own. If you don't see traffic increases within months of working together, you don't pay a cent.

Keyword Targeting

You need to get more traffic, but also need the right kind of traffic - the kind that will translate into profit. Targeting specific keywords and phrases will help you choose what search results you want to compete in, and where your business can be most successful. Mayne Marketing will help you with both analysis and implementation, offering reccomendations based on in-depth research while also allowing you complete control over the content of your site. We don't want to stuff your page full of irrelevant keywords when it's easy to improve the quality of content on your site while shooting for a top-ranking result.

Local and Global SEO

Mayne Marketing can help you target your county, state, province, country, continent, or mutiple areas throughout the globe, ensuring you reach traffic that will be interested in your business. With clients in North America, Europe, and Asia, and a constantly expanding global reach, Mayne Marketing has the tools needed to understand and effectively target your market. Whether you need to reach clients in your small town or county, or market your product to the world, Mayne Marketing SEO will be a driving force in your marketing efforts.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

When you pay to advertise online, you need to be sure your ads are cost-effective. Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, and other PPC ads can be an excellent tool for businesses of any size if used correctly, and Mayne Marketing will manage your campaigns to ensure you get the maximum amount of targeted traffic for the money you spend. 

Penguin and Panda Safe

All our SEO work is Penguin and Panda safe, and we keep on top of changing algorithims that could affect your search engine ranking. Every part of your SEO strategy is personally managed by Nic Mayne, who will keep you updated on any search engine changes that may affect your site. Outsourcing your SEO or trusting your site to a network of people you have never spoken with can be dangerous, and often, you can do more harm then good. Work with an experienced SEO consultant who can work with you off-site or on-site to expand your online influence.

Guaranteed Results with No Hidden Fees

We charge a flat monthly fee dependant on the services you require, and never require payment before you see results. Try our SEO services for a month and if you don't see an increase in targeted traffic, you don't have to pay. We guarantee results and won't charge you any additional fees. While many SEO service providers charge you for additional services, Mayne Marketing will pay for any costs that arise out of your set monthly fee. Contact us now for a free quote.