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Three Free Ways to Develop Your Brand

It’s never too early to develop a clear brand story. The earlier you can clearly identify who you serve and the purpose you fulfill, the better. While hiring a full team of professionals to work on your web design, brand photography and logo is a worthwhile investment, at early stages of business growth, budgets can be limited. Until you're ready to hire out some tasks, here are a few free ways to start developing your brand identity!

3 Free Ways to Develop your Brand Identity

1. Choose 2-3 Fonts

Search for 2-3 fonts to use on your website and social media graphics. Choosing unique fonts and using them across social platforms (instagram/Pinterest graphics, blog graphics, Facebook) will increase brand recognition and create brand cohesion. There’s several free resources for finding unique fonts - one easy way is to type “free fonts” in on Pinterest!

2. Define a Color Scheme

Do you gravitate toward muted, neutral palettes or rich, vibrant colors? Defining a color aesthetic for your brand (and specific colors you want to use!) will help with photography direction, Instagram feed curation, packaging design, and graphic creation!

3. Design Three Social Media Templates

Don’t let the word “design” scare you away from this one! You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create simple templates that communicate a clear brand message. Utilizing free websites like Canva make the design process simple and, as you already know what fonts and colors you’ll be using, the rest will come easily! We recommend creating 3 cohesive templates. If your aesthetic is minimal, keep your templates minimal! If you’re using bold colors and fonts, keep all your templates in the same vein - bold colors and bold fonts!

Here's an example of three cohesive Instagram Story templates:

Once you’ve finished these three things, create a PDF with all the info and keep it stored on your desktop for easy reference. You can pass this on to designers and photographers you work with in the future to help communicate your brand aesthetic!

If you’re ready to hire a social media manager or book a branding photography session, send us an email or fill out our contact form to start the conversation!