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Curating an Instagram Feed for Your Business

We all know the importance of an Instagram feed. While your profile can connect you with potential customers, it can also dissuade them from making a purchase. As business owners, it’s important we take an honest look at our own feeds and ask a couple important questions.

Three questions everyone should ask when looking at their Instagram feed:

1. Does my feed attract my desired audience? 

If creating sustainable products is an important aspect of your brand - and a reason people choose your product over competitors - make sure your page highlights that! Create the story of your brand visually. As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Photos can communicate concepts and values just as well as the “About Us” section of your website can. Users should be able to look at your feed and get an instant feel for what your company is all about. 

Social media is a powerful tool that enables you to promote your brand message, communicate with customers and connect with a network of fellow business owners.

2. Do the quality of my images reflect the quality of my product?

Whether we want them to or not, the quality of our images are often read as the quality of our product. If you look up two different brands selling the same product, one with poor quality photos and the other with beautifully staged images, which brand are you more likely to trust and purchase from?

Image quality is just as important as product quality for online retainers when it comes to converting followers to customers. Do the quality of the photos your posting speak to the quality of your work?

Your social media accounts have the power to convert followers to customers and customers to brand ambassadors.

3. What’s my ratio of original to reposted content?

Scroll through your feed and make note of original content vs. reposted images. While a handful of reposted photos can inspire your audience, they don’t speak directly to your company’s work. Sharing original content produces a more unique and tailored Instagram page.

Do you need help managing your brand's social media accounts or creating new imagery for your brand? Visit our "services" page to learn more about our management packages and take the first step towards growing your online presence today!


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