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Creating Unique Brand Imagery

We've been working in marketing since 2012 and have had the privilege of watching many businesses evolve and refine their brand message. We love when we're able to play a part in their growth by assisting with content writing, product photography or social media management. Rarely, we have the honor of working with a business owner from the very beginning.

We met June, owner and maker of Swell Botanicals, nearly two years ago. She approached us with her vision for the brand and entrusted her social media accounts and image creation to us so she could fully focus on product development and branding.

From our first phone call, we knew Swell Botanicals was a business we could fully support. June was inspired to formulate the line when her daughter developed sensitive, acne-prone skin and severe nut allergies. There were few plant-based products on the market that did not contain nut oils, so June began her research. She is committed to sourcing the finest, natural ingredients and makes every product by hand. All glasswares and paper packaging is sourced from manufacturers who share and practice sustainability and social consciousness.

Having imagery that's consistent with your branding and values is key in increasing brand recognition and reliability.

We wanted the Swell Botanical product gallery to communicate the defining elements of the brand. We chose to highlight the botanical ingredients and sustainable practices by shooting the line in nature, and keeping all product imagery soft with earthy tones/elements.

Is your imagery in line with your brand values and aesthetic? Reevaluate your website and social accounts to make sure your story is consistent!

Check out more of Swell Botanicals by heading over to their website!


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