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Creating a Home Scene In-Studio

It's no surprise that custom content performs significantly higher than stock images on Instagram. What you may not know is that lifestyle content, specifically lifestyle images with people in them, receive over 38% more engagement. Showing your product in real-life settings and incorporating human elements is a great way to connect with your audience, build trust and encourage brand loyalty. When we're planning a client shoot for social media use, we like to style at least one scene in a realistic, lived-in way. While editorial imagery is great for communicating your brand message, it's important to supplement elevated product images with lifestyle content to keep your engagement up. Styling larger items, such as furniture and other homewares, can prove to be a bit of a challenge, since you need more props and a larger space to produce a scene. Because we shoot a majority of our work in a studio space, we have to get creative when setting the scene to ensure the images read authentically. We recently partnered with Brooklinen, Campaign and Loloi Rugs to style a home scene in-studio. We wanted to share a few tips for conveying a lived-in, realistic feeling from a styled studio shoot.

1. Layer your props.

If you've selected the right studio for your shoot, you should be working with a little more than a blank canvas. We recommend starting with a minimal scene and utilizing the character of your space as a built-in backdrop. From there, begin layering props to create a more lived-in environment. Think through your prop list beforehand and bring along pieces to layer.

The images above show the progression of setting a scene - We start with the largest pieces and add in accessories until we achieve a realistic styling.

2. Choose pieces that transport easily.

When you're bringing in home props to style, remember to pick pieces that transport easily. We love shooting with our Campaign Chair, because it packs up nicely and is quick and easy to assemble on-location (it takes us under 10 minutes!)

3. Don't forget the details.

Every piece is important. It's easy to overlook the details when you're bringing in large products to style. Do your best to carefully plan a few little touches to complete the styling and really make a scene feel homey. For this shoot, we brought in some fresh greenery, an alarm clock, an additional throw pillow, and a few of our favorite ceramics. We used the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set, Linen Quilt, Linen Quilted Shams, Lightweight Down Comforter, and Linen Duvet Cover to style the bed.

We recognize that costs can add up quickly - Not every client has an unlimited prop budget to make their vision a reality. To help reduce the expense of lifestyle shoots, we've created a Prop Closet program. All of the pieces pictured above are available for use, free of charge, when you book a photography package with us.

If you're ready to take the next step and invest in your social media presence with custom content, fill our our photography inquiry form. We'd love to chat about your project and provide you with a custom quote.


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