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Before & After - Renovation Photography

At Mayne Marketing, our priority is providing clients with sustainable content creation solutions so they can maintain a healthy social presence.

Instagram marketing has changed the landscape of content creation – Instead of producing 3-5 high-quality images for a marketing campaign, businesses are pressured to produce 20-30 images per month to share on social channels. This demand for new, engaging content can pose difficulties for smaller businesses that don't have endless marketing budgets. We’re constantly working to develop creative ways for brands to keep up with the endless demand for new content.

One of the ways we’re minimizing content creation costs is by creating studio spaces around our office that brands can include in their shoot, without incurring additional charges. Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with Mercury Mosaics to remodel a kitchen space to use for blogger shoots and lifestyle content creation projects.

Mercury Mosaics is a female-owned business that produces unique, hand-crafted tile. Their product perfectly marries art and function, combining texture, color, pattern and depth to create a meaningful, curated environment. Their team is thirty artisans strong, all eager to service their customers and create products that bring joy and beauty to every space.

It was important that the materials included in this remodel project reflected our business values. When we found a female-owned company that produced product by hand, we knew we had the right fit. Mercury Mosaics is setting a new standard in manufacturing and transparency. Every ceramic tile is made from clay in their Minneapolis, Minnesota factory. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-glazed, and fired to a beautiful sheen. Their clay, glaze and shipping materials are all locally-sourced, which is something worth celebrating.

Mercedes Austin, owner of Mercury Mosaics, worked with us to select the 2" x 6" Herringbone Pattern - 130 White for our backsplash. The ceramic tile pieces peek through the strokes of glaze, giving off a slightly purple tint that is totally unique. It ships in easy to install sheets to ensure your project turns out perfectly and there is a nice variance and movement between the tiles. We wanted a white backdrop with character so product would pop, but the photographs would still have life. This herringbone tile was ideal.

We paired our tile with a black granite countertop and black kitchen accessories. The clean contrast complements any product and creates the perfect space for lifestyle shoots. We're looking forward to having the capacity to create content with life and a real element that cannot be replicated in a traditional studio space.

If your brand or business is in need of fresh content, fill out our contact form for a custom quote. We are looking forward to utilizing this beautiful backdrop for client projects!


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