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Content Writing.

Mayne Marketing is recognized for expertise in content writing, SEO, link building, and other aspects of online marketing that will help you generate more traffic and grow your client base. Mayne Marketing serves some of the top law firms and most visited websites, delivering high-quality, relevant, search engine optimized content to make your website stand out.

"Content is King!" - Bill Gates

​Great Content


Writing content is time consuming, and effective content needs to be thoroughly researched and analyzed. Mayne Marketing can write original content for your website, and can even thoroughly research the topic in order to create content your clients want to read. If you need your current content improved, Mayne Marketing's copy editing service will help you refine your site and optimize your webpage for a more modern market.


Web content should be compelling and clear, and making an impact on your intended audience starts with building an exceptional online presence


Online presence is more than visual; what the reader takes away from the page is crucial to your marketing strategy. You need to express that you can meet the needs of your client or customer, and you want the reader to be impressed by the message your webpage sends. Every word should be selected with care, in order to extend the influence of your website beyond a first impression.


You want your visitor to be assured of your professionalism, reliability, and capability. Mayne Marketing content writing solidifies your business profile, and enhances your corporate image in the mind of the reader. Contact us for a free quote, and begin working to create a relevant website that clients want to return to.

Web traffic is key, as you need visitors to be able to find your page in order for it to have any influence. There are multiple factors that play into great content, and Mayne Marketing can walk you through how to maintain a great search engine ranking.

Mayne Marketing analyzes key aspects of SEO content, including:

Keyword Density


First, you need to determine what your target audience will search, and pick effective keywords based on that analysis. By examining the probability specific terms will be searched, the prominence of terms on successful pages in your sector, and how often those words should be used, Mayne Marketing can help you boost your search engine ranking.


While other marketers may teach you to utilize keyword stacked, barely readable content, Mayne Marketing will show you how to implement useful keywords into content that reads fluently. The number of times a keyword is used on your page does not have to affect the quality of your content, and Mayne Marketing will develop effective, optimized, interesting work for your site.



Readability is one of the toughest factors to analyze, as you can't truly tell what a client actually reads on your page and what they skip over. After determining your target audience, you need content that matches the average reading level of those prospective clients, remembering that many aren't familiar with terminology used in your sector.


Especially crucial for law firm sites and informational pages, readability can be determined using the Gunning-Fog index, Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level, Fry Readability Formula, and other automated readability indexes.

Lexical Density


Is the language used on your page unique, or are certain terms overused? When writing content, it's easy to forget what you said last, or what you planned to write next, and your content can turn into a repetitive, uninteresting mess that clients will avoid.


Optimal lexical density varies by topic and site location, and Mayne Marketing will analyze your website to determine the best lexical density to apply to your content.



Creating relevant outbound links and gaining inbound links from reputable sites greatly enhances the effectiveness of your content and page relevancy for your visitor. A properly placed .edu or .gov link can greatly improve your Google or Bing ranking, while links connecting related parts of your website can help prospective clients, and search engines, navigate your page.

A marketing firm that can diligently examine keyword density, readability, lexical density, internal and external links, and the overall structure of the language on your page will be a difference-maker for your website.
Contact us for a free consultation or a quote on your content writing project. Mayne Marketing specializes in consistent tone-building and amplification of online influence. Whatever your SEO content needs, an elite marketing firm can help, and if the work Mayne Marketing does isn't exactly what you need, it's yours for free.